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Latest from the Blog

Life is Magical Trip

Life is magical tripIn which there is no gripWe all are part of thisFor the miracle of hisAll person are met to eachotherVery rapidly without feathersEveryone are busy in lifeLike someone of time thief Life is a magical tripIn which there is no gripIt always move step by stepLife make all person like julepIn whichContinue reading “Life is Magical Trip”

Yu hi

Mohabbat yu hi assan nahi hote …. Yu hi Zindagi isme kharab nahi hote … Kise ko kuch milta hai … To koi kuch khota bhi hai …. Koi wafa karta hai umar bhar…. To koi daga karta hai …. Koi mohabbat ki maine nahi samjhta… To koi samjna hi nahi chata…. Iss duniya meContinue reading “Yu hi”


Jab waqt kharab hota hai Tab kharab hote hai pure duniya Log aapke mehnat nahi dekhte Wo aapka waqt hai dekhte Qki wo aapka andaza lagte hai Aapke kabiliyat se nahi waqt se Ye hi samaj ka dastoor hai Sabhi essi ke aage majboor hai

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